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Jest'O'Clock Animation Review N3: Red's Tournament
Mind your watches! Everything has to stop, 'cause now it's Jest'O'Clock!
Startin' to feel like that catchphrase's a bit paradoxal…
Welcome, my Jesters, to the third installment of my Animation Reviews! This time, we'll take a look at Red's Tournament series, made by an amazing sprite artist: TheRedHeadHenry!

That headband is amazing, trust me. Yes I'm totally foreshadowing.
In the realm of Pixtopia, powerful warriors have gathered to participate in a Martial Arts tournament organized by The Red Head Henry, legendary warrior of their world. Red sought for powerful competitors to test his strength against in order to become more powerful. And so, to fulfill his goal, he organized two tournaments.
Unfortunately, although Red did find competitors worthy of his challenge, things did
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Jest'O'Clock Mixed Arts Review N1: TurboTAStic!
Mind your watches! Everything has to stop, 'cause now it's Jest'O'Clock!
Don't worry, you'll get used to this. I think.
Welcome, my Jesters, to the first installment of the Mixed Arts Reviews! The main reason why this is a thing is because what I'm about to show you really can't be classified as a game nor an animation – and I actually had to ask to be sure – but more like something using a bit of the two. What I'm talking about is a series of amazing videos made by Lolishy, also known as Loli Braixen.

You have NO IDEA how much I love this image.
The name “TurboTAStic” refers to two things: TAS, which is an abbreviation to “Tool-Assisted superplay (or speedrun); and Turbo, from Project M's Turbo Mode.
...Too many names, huh.
:iconglyphayel:Glyphayel 1 0
Jest'O'Clock Animation Review N1: Spirits Excel!
Mind your watches! Everything needs to stop, 'cause now it's Jest'O'Clock!
Welcome, my Jesters, to the very first article of this blog, starting with an Animation review!
Today, I will introduce you to the first episode of a Sprite Series I really enjoy: Spirits Excel, created by SkytheStarHero! Let's get to it, shall we?

I freakin' love this Logo!
The story takes us in a brand new Dreamland, where Star Heroes are the main security force of the world. Kombo, a young inhabitant from Dreamland, lives in an orphanage with his friends. He deeply desires to become a Star Hero himself, in order to protect people and find his
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Jest'O'Clock Animation Review N2: Spirits Excel!
Mind  your watches! Everything has to stop, 'cause now it's Jest'O'Clock!
Silly title drop aside, welcome, my Jesters, to the second installment of my Animation Reviews! This time around, we'll take a look at the second episode of what I can now consider as one of my favorite Sprite Animation series ever: Spirits Excel!

Let's get this thing started!
The story continues where it left off: Kombo left the orphanage that had seen him grow up, only to follow his dream and eventually become a Star Hero, protector of this alternate Dreamland.
But this time, we get to follow the movements of an organization shrouded in darkness, bold enough to perform vile
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The Entwined Legend of the Wishcraftress: Ch1
Once upon a time, on a cloudless night, was a shiny shooting star flying across the world. Its beauty was seen by all, and every inhabitant of the world saw this unusual event as a sign of hope. This event was later remembered as the Wisher's Night, a special moment when anyone could make a wish and hope for it to be granted.
The comet crashed into a forest, and a small child got out of it, like a butterfly finally getting out of its cocoon. Inhabitants from the forest came by and saw the unconscious girl next to the fallen comet.
Her short, golden hair spread across each side of her face. She wore a long white and violet scarf around her neck, with a star-shaped item stuck in it. .With her elegant blue dress, a calm yet impressive aura emanated from her and, even in her sleep, she was indeed a beautiful creature to gaze at. And it is respectfully that the inhabitants of the forest brought the little girl to their village, for they stro
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The Entwined Legend of the Wishcraftress: Prologue
Once upon a time, in an empty world, existed a single being. He was the Monarch, and he sought Creation. Using his godly might, he filled his world with life and everything needed for it to spread and evolve safely. But the Monarch was not satisfied yet. He created more and more worlds, more and more beings, more and more ways for life to develop and thrive. The worlds mushroomed one after another, and although the Monarch enjoyed watching his creations evolve, he realized that he could not look after all of them, nor prevent any catastrophe if the creations were to fight with each other while he was away. On top of this, his world had turned into a chaotic Universe, and the only way for him to prevent utter chaos was to destroy some of his worlds in order for everything to be balanced. Therefore, the Monarch sought Creation and Destruction.
To add balance to his universe, the Monarch decided to create an Emissary that would visit the different worlds, directly bond with the creatures
:iconglyphayel:Glyphayel 1 6
Character Concept #2: Pyrospook
"Run for your life! It's Pyrospook! The Wicked Wizard is here!"
I smiled internally. It had been a while since the last time I heard people cry in fear upon my arrival in a new city.
I entonned a magic chant.
A sudden fire lit my entire being, as if coming from inside my body. My hands became long and sharp, and my nails took a dark color. My tunic was magically spared by the hellish apparition, but I couldn't say the same for the flowers around me. People were fleeing before my flaring gaze, and I was delighted by how fearful I still was wherever I marched. It felt good to, at last, be feared and respected.
"Decked out with his scarecrow best, the Wicked Wizard shall destroy the pest!" I sang, overjoyed.
I opened my hand and aimed at a random house. A fireball came out of my blackened palm and set the house on fire. I could hear children screaming inside.
"Devilish spirit, strength of all! Who shall be the first insect to fall?"
A group of men armed with
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Character Concept #1: The PhoBits
The PhoBits
We are many. Yet we are one. An entity composed of numerous creatures, each of us bearing specific abilities. Five fragments of a single being, willing to strike with terror any soul that crosses our path.
We are Shadread, the Nocis-Fragment, commanding the weakling's most primal fear: darkness. We plunge our prey into a world unknown, where none can escape our shadowy presence. We remain silent, but the captive soul unleashes terrified shrieks, losing its pitiful might under our tight grasp. There is no escape in our dreadful void. Slowly but surely, anything trapped is consumed and absorbed.
We are Spooknado, the Zephyr-Fragment, commanding the weakling's untamed neighbor: the wind. This time, roles are reversed; we shriek, and the captive soul stays silent. Yet we remain the predators, as our shady figure rides with our cold blows and violent squalls, frightening the prey even more. Desiring to try a different type of fear, we toy with our prisone
:iconglyphayel:Glyphayel 1 1


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Glyphayel's Profile Picture
Glyphayel Talseek
Artist | Student | Literature
First and foremost, Glyphayel's not my actual name. I just don't want to mix up my cyber identity with my real one, that's all!

That aside... Welp, I'm a 17 years old student who wants nothing more but CREATE FREAKIN' WORLDS. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeyup.
After all, the best way to express myself is by writing. Vicious words or fancy phrases, using my pen my keyboard, those are only tools that I use to create and share my worlds with everyone. Maybe you'll like them, maybe you won't, but the point is to create something.

And that's pretty much what I seek. I do plan to become a game designer in the future, but that won't stop me from roaming the virtual lands of video games and animated cartoons or the marvelous world of reality (YES, reality can be great too!) to search for my inspiration.

Whew. Enough said. Time to create stuff!!


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